• IQF Oven Semi Dried Mix Vegetable
  • IQF Oven Semi Dried Marinated Tomato Segments
  • IQF Oven Semi Dried Marinated Cherry Tomatoes Halves
  • Marinated Sun Dried Tomatoes
  • IQF Premium Chargrilled Eggplant Slice
  • IQF Premium Chargrilled Zucchini (Courgette) Slice
  • Sun Dried Tomato Powder Vacuum
  • Babaganoush - Aubergine (Eggplant) Dip
  • Marinated Chargrilled Mushrooms
  • Sun Dried Tomatoes (Ready to Eat) Halves Vacuum
  • Cherry Red Pepper in Sweet Brine in Tray
  • Sun Dried Tomatoes-Green Olive Salad Dressing with olive oil
  • Sun Dried Tomatoes-Green Olive Salad Dressing with olive oil
Agricultural Organization
Who Are We?
General Manager of Ekofood Group

Merhaba, This is Aydin, General Manager of Ekofood Group. With 25 years of experience in business, I can say that from a small town Akhisar,  we deliver the most delicious antipasti products to 15 countries around the world. We are one of the sole company also focus on sustainability and green energy.We earn from our planet, thats why we like to save planet.

SVP Sales of Ekofood

Hello, This is Askin, SVP Sales of Ekofood. This is our family business, I am proud of being part of this smily & professional team. Our target is to produce best semi dried tomatoes in the world and to have best customer feedback due to our quality and after sales service.

Packaging Supervisor

This is Melek.They call me “ –Melek Abla” or “- Melek-the Ottoman Queen” 

I have worked for 5 years at the company.I feel I’m the owner. Packaging is the last touch to the product I think that I will retire from Ekofood.

Production Manager

In Ekofood,company management policy is  100 %  customer satisfaction and tailor made food solutions.sometimes it is very tiring to manage y of people.However, when I see the customer’s face after tasting  our products, I’m prud of myself

Oven Drying Supervisor

We cooked tomatoes like a 5 star hotel cheff Preparing is a delicious recipe for his customers.

Cafeteria Supervisor

Ekofood feeds people and I feed people of Ekofood! I am the one who run the crew cafeteria... feed around 150 employees...serve coffee, tea and cold drink to our guests. I know it sounds like a magic. Come to our factory and taste my great tasty Turkish Coffee

Export Executive

I plan and coordinate the shipments , document them to ensure that they are in compliance with customs rules and regulations. I check on the follow-up of import-export operations I keep tracking the shipment documents and organise them to be delivered on time to your customs.


This is Adem

I’m the first person you will see in our factory.we welcome you with our smile and hospitality.Don’t forget to bring me presents.Security is a must.


My tasks within the company briefly; Accounting and financial procedures to follow and make records, preparing the invoices. To provide the necessary documents to certified public accountant 

HR Manager

My name is Sezen. I greet the guests who visit our factory. Not only that but I also assist HR, make current reconciliations, record the cash transactions and redirect the phone traffic... Talk to you later.

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