Product Development



NPD stands for New Product Development. New Product Development is an innovative approach to creating and launching products that meet market needs and drive business growth. Creating and testing new products with ingredients, recipes, techniques, packaging are just a few of the things that can be tested. NPD is all about bringing a new product to the market.
There are a few ways in order to develop new products such as the following:

1. Through market research (online)

2. Through customer feedback on current product (recipe, packaging etc.)

3. Through customer requests

4. Through production of current products

In the food industry, there are many ways to innovate. Some changes are small, such as tinkering with recipes, to larger changes, such as replacing product packaging. Here at Ekofood we are not afraid to make trial runs in our production lines in order to correct any potential errors that can arise. Also, all requested samples are prepared by hand with the assurance that the product can be made in the production line(s).



Our team uses the latest market research and technology to develop products that are tailored to consumer demand and have the potential to become a success. By utilizing our expertise and resources, we are able to create new products faster and with higher quality than traditional methods. Ultimately, our goal is to create products that can become a cornerstone of our companys success.

When it comes to ideas for NPD projects, our customer’s ideas/concepts come first. Our state of the art kitchen enables us to produce products ranging from semi dried tomatoes to eggplant puree. This food industry kitchen was designed by a team of chefs and industry innovators in order to create a variety of products, and serve guests that wish to come and taste our products. Our state of the art testing counter enables us to serve up to 25 different products at once! With a maximum seat capacity of 6 people.


















Elif has been working at Ekofood since 2015. She started workingin the R&D kitchen and managed to move up in the company to quality control manager, production manager, quality assurance dirtector, into her current position.  She has worked in both our frozen & tin factory, gaining a masterful knowledge of all our products. When a new product is made, its her hands that create the final product, a breathtaking sight to witness. We are proud to have her part of our Ekofood family.


Ayşenur is the superhero in the shadows. She is the newest recruit to our R&D team. She spends most of her time in our NPD kitchen preparing samples or testing new products. All the samples that we send are created by her. She follows the process from farm to fork. In essense, Ayşenur has become one of the most important members of our Ekofood team.



“Innovation is the creation, development and implementation of a new product, process or service, with the aim of improving efficiency, effectiveness or competitive advantage.” This is is the case with Ekofood. What started as an idea to produce and sell tomatoes has turned into two factories with over 100 different products sold to +25 countries in 5 continents. Ekofood lives up to its trademark “Vegan Innovation House”.