Food Industry Trends

The food industry is constantly growing both in size and through innovation; therefore, it’s very important for companies to keep up with these new trends and incorporate them into their range. Our sales, export, production and NPD teams are constantly looking at the market in order to gather more information on what is trending and has not been done yet.
Vegetarian / vegan food movement started around the 1960’s and 1970’s in the United States and this movement has gained more traction in 2020. Ekofood’s vegan range is ever-expanding with over 20 individual vegetable products (+100 including different packaging types). There are many health benefits from a plant based diet (cancer, stress, heart disease reducing properties).
Keto-genic, gluten free, sugar-free, low-fat, paleo diets are some of the more popular diets, all of which include healthy greens. Our vegan range contains many vegetables that are preferred to popular diets.
Transparency is perhaps the most important trend currently. Ekofood, the entire process from farm to fork is controlled. We use only regulated (selected) pesticides for our cherry pepper and tomatoes during cultivation. Essentially you can follow your product from beginning to end.
“Innovation and authenticity is very important defintions to express Ekofood’s products.

The technical and quality assurance teams devote much time and energy to ensuring we know what we’re buying as an ingredient.

We are very careful in terms of allergen control, food safety and standardisation of processes and product.”